Manicure & pedicure

Using jessica, Elim Medi heel, Evo & Biosculpture products


White to brown tanning products


Germaine De Capuccini body

Germaine De Capuccini facials

Waxing & tinting

Please only book a tinting service if you have had this treatment done at Serenity Spa in the past 6 months. If not then we must carry out a skin sensitivity test. This can be booked online and only... Show more

Skinbase Microdermabrasion & Collagen Lift treatments

Germaine De Cappucini candle massage

A luxurious warming body massage treatment, which commences with a warm pinda pressure massage, during this time the mediterranean candle is burned, emitting a wonderful fragrance. The warm wax from ... Show more

Germaine De Capuccini face & body

A range of treatments which which work on both the face and the body.