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Cinnamon Body Massage 55 mins with Laura Brown

lovely, relaxing, safe - what a great way to end the day!

Zofija - 5 months ago

Great to have the Spa opened up again. Lovely staff and first class treatment and surroundings.

Lorna - 5 months ago

Wonderful to be back and be pampered by the team. All the very best to you all xx

Rhona - 5 months ago

hot stone full body with Corey Stirton

A fabulous hour spent in the capable hands of Corey who made me feel very welcome and comfortable!

Tracy - 5 months ago

Eyebrow wax with Laura Kennedy

Very nice work done on my eyebrows,will be back again,thanks! Had a great chat too. Lovely place. Def.recommend it

Jelena - 5 months ago

Excel Therapy 02 with Laura Brown

Loved it. So relaxing and my skin feels amazing. Laura lovely Thank you

Pene - 3 days ago

Swedish back neck & shoulders with Laura Brown

Brilliant massage and really nice staff!

Gillian - 3 days ago

Wonderful pamper again and love the Bella Rosa nail varnish colour xx

Anonymous - 6 days ago

Collagen lift full face with Emma Browning

Loved my facial. This is my 3rd collagen lift treatment and I can see a huge difference on the lines along my forehead. At skin also feels a lot smoother and looks brighter.

Anonymous - 6 days ago

Swedish back neck & shoulders with Laura Brown

An outstanding back massage with Laura . Can’t wait to return .

Rosemary - 10 days ago

Wonderful and relaxing as usual. Thankyou Laura

Anonymous - 11 days ago

Just perfect as always. Thank you,Emma

Jenny - 13 days ago

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